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    LAND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT! - Ref.no (est00012)


    200 000€
    Property name KUUSETUKA & PÄRNALA
    Land type Residential land
    Agricultural Land
    Plot size 202 000,0 m2
    Cadastral number 66904:002:0052
    Distance from Tallinn 50 km
    Detailed Information

    50 residential plots

    An ideal option to invest in land development project in Estonia!
    ESTEST PR is happy to inform that we have two registered immovable properties to offer for sale in Rapla, both of which are covered by detailed plans (50 residential lots + 1 lot for social buildings). The total area of the properties is 20.2 hectares. Rapla is located only ca 50km from Tallinn – capital of Estonia.
    We feel that these properties represent a site of great interest to investors. They are perfectly suited for immediate development or as a longer-term investment.
    Detailed plans and the accompanying explanatory letter are available. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them. If required we can also send more detailed plans at their original size.
    General Part, Objective of Plan
    The detailed plan requests that the intended purpose of the land be changed: on the basis of two existing registered immovables with the intended purpose of profit-yielding land 50 registered immovables for family houses, 1 registered immovable for a non-residential building, 2 registered immovables for road areas and 5 registered immovables for green areas are planned…
    Planned Activities
    The development analyses of the City of Rapla show great pressure on development in the surroundings of the Rapla Railway Station along the Tallinn-Rapla-Türi road.
    The planning area will probably be situated within the borders of the City of Rapla in 50 years…
    Plot Division
    A total of 14 housing plots (1 group) have been planned on the Pärnala registered immovable and 36 housing plots (2 groups) have been planned on the Kuusetuka registered immovable…
    Plot Building Rights
    The allowed area occupied by construction works of one registered immovable for a small house is 400 m2 and the built-up percentage ranges from 12 to 22. Up to 2 buildings are allowed to be built on the plots, considering that one of them may be an outbuilding…
    Architectural Requirements for Buildings ...

    For Sale Land, Raplamaa, Rapla, Valtu

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