Purchase of cutting rights

Purchase of cutting rights all across Estonia

Looking to make a profit off your mature forest but keep the land? We are purchasing cutting rights all across Estonia. Looking to earn more profit off of your forest land? We can purchase your mature forest with the forest land.

As forest managers, we can carry out the cutting responsibly, leaving the soil ready for reforestation. We respect all agreements and pay the transaction amount on time.

More than 25 years of experience with forest management.

We will carry out regeneration cutting from start to finish – if necessary, we can help prepare a forestry management plan, prepare areas for cutting, cut timber into different types, and arrange transportation and sales of timber to purchasers.

We recommend the sale of cutting rights only to well-informed forest owners who wish to contribute to and invest in the start of a new forest life cycle and the growth of a new high-quality forest. In other cases, we suggest selling your forest with the forest land to an experienced forestry company – this way, you can get the highest price for it and give up the responsibility for the forest to its new owner.


Looking to sell cutting rights or forest with forest land? We are an experienced and reliable partner in forest transactions. If you have any questions or are looking to sell, please contact us!

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